Bea & Helle, the creative duo behind the candid motorcycle and travel blog TimeToRide, took the leap into the unknown in 2011. They quit their apartment and jobs, embarking on a journey that unexpectedly evolved into a multi-year motorcycle adventure across five continents. Following their adventurous spirit to explore the world has profoundly shaped their lives. Foreign lands offered countless unforgettable moments, along with challenges and occasionally painful lessons that allowed them to learn and grow. They realized the richness of life when one has the courage to see the world with open eyes and ears, following their passion. Even though they have since returned from their world tour, their curiosity and exploration drive remain stronger than ever, always seeking warm encounters, unique landscapes, exciting cultures, and new travel stories. As avid explorers, they share tips on equipment, travel preparations, and thrilling experiences on their blog and YouTube channel, serving as a source of inspiration to others. Through their story, they illustrate how motorcycling and traveling can become a lifestyle that enriches the world and touches hearts.

Our tires have accompanied the two motorcycle adventurers from the beginning, especially the K60 Scout, offering long-distance travelers a blend of good on- and off-road performance, high mileage, and reliable emergency capabilities in case of a flat tire. Beyond the "hard facts," it's the personal connection between the Heidenau team and Bea & Helmut that has transformed them from customers to genuine friends over the years.