Tires are round, black and they roll - in theory this is true, nonetheless this is unfortunately a very simplified perspective. Finding and using the right tire is sometimes a bit more complex and requires assistance. Indeed, only the perfect interplay of tire, rim, vehicle and other parameters, such as the right air pressure, allows the properties of a tire to unfold optimally and thus leads to a harmonic driving experience.

Technical Consulting

Especially for this purpose, our colleagues from the technical consulting department are glad to help you with words & deeds! The knowledgeable and experienced colleagues will help you:

  • with all technical and product-related questions
  • to find the right tire (depending on vehicle and purpose of use)
  • if you have questions about re-tires & conversions
  • if you need a manufacturer certificate or other technical documents

Expertise & Know-How

Our employees from the technical consulting department have a profound knowledge, which we as a company have built up and deepened accordingly. Furthermore, it is not only our own expertise that has allowed us to do this, in fact we have been working for decades at a variety of advanced tiers with:

  • Testing organizations (e.g. Dekra)
  • Homlogation authorities
  • Universities & colleges (e.g. TU Dresden)
  • or as a member of the IVM (Industrie-Verband Motorrad Deutschland e. V.) successfully with other manufacturers.

The tire is and will remain the only safety element on a vehicle that has direct contact with the road and hence we will strongly focus on the consulting of our customers in the future.


In case an item is defective, please contact your retailer where the product was purchased. Keep the receipt, clear photos and a precise description of the problem ready for this purpose. Information about the machine and the driving behavior will be helpful as well.