Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" does not stand as an advertisement promise for us, it rather reflects our company culture to the core. Over 600 of our articles are meanwhile developed, manufactured and checked by nearly 200 employees at the production and innovation location Germany. Starting from the receipt of your order to the delivery, we take charge of the whole process here in person.


  • first car tires 1948
  • factory premises 1957
  • new factory entrance
  • production modernization 1993

Initially founded in 1946 as VEB Heidenauer Gummiwerke, the company was dedicated to the production of molded rubber articles and rubber roller coverings with the mission to 'enhance the mobility' on today's facility. In 1969, the tire factory was merged with other companies in order to form the Pneumant tire combine. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 undoubtedly brought some challenging times for our company. However, the year 1994 marked a decisive new start after the takeover by Gummi-Hansen. Since then, a period of development and growth began for us beneath the traditional HEIDENAU brand, accompanied by the expansion of our product portfolio and the modernization of the facilities. Meanwhile, we can proudly look back on more than 75 years of changeful history producing high quality products in our factory - and all this in a market dominated by large corporations.

What Defines Us

  1. Quality "Made in Germany"
    Development, production, quality assurance all located in Germany 
  2. Tradition Obliges
    70 years of expertise and handcraft for highest quality
  3. Wide Product Range 
    From scooter tires over old timer tires up to specialized tires 
  4. Excellent Product Density
    Immense variety of dimensions/sizes for each profile 
  5. Short Delivery Time
    High availability of products and fast delivery from our factory
  6. All-In-One Service 
    Order receipt, order processing and delivery within a maximum of 3 workdays  
  7. You Are Our Partner 
    Adjusted and stable pricing for your competitiveness and planning security 
  8. Strong Market Presence
    High acceptance and demand for our products by the end customer
  9. Reliable And Trustworthy Partner 
    Stable company management and company orientation at the market 
  10. Expertise For Two-Wheelers 
    Technical advice, tire approvals, etc. provided by competent and experienced core staff
  11. You Know Us And We Know You
    Direct, personal contacts and short decision-making processes regarding to your concerns

ISO Certified

Traditional values such as reliability, fairness, responsibility, as well as progress in terms of technology, products and services, are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. In order to maintain and strengthen these commitments, the reputation and success of Reifenwerk Heidenau GmbH & Co KG, our company policy has been based on the requirements of ISO 9001 for quality management systems since 1996.